Why owners & fleet operators Shouldn’t Use Regular Tax & Accounting Services

The trucking industry is one of the most vital industries in the U.S. and serves as the backbone for the entire economy – and yet, resources, tax preparation services, and accounting for fleet owners & truck operators is difficult to come by. The lack of tools result in fleet owners and owner-operators searching for independent tax services, trucking accountants, and CPAs. 

Most fleet owners and truck operators wind up with regular tax and accounting services that don’t provide answers to the crucial questions that make tax preparation for truck drivers as easy as possible. fleet owners and truck operators need to be careful when picking a trucking CPA or else you’ll end up looking up questions like:

  • Can truck drivers deduct mileage?
  • How much per diem for truck drivers?
  • Are owner-operators self-employed?
  • Where’s the best state to form an LLC for a trucking company?
  • What can truck drivers deduct on taxes?
  • What are the tax deductions for owner-operator truck drivers?
  • What does the Cares Act mean for owner-operators?

At TranspoCFO, we have answers to all those questions and more! We love the Dave and Jimmy podcast as much as anyone else, but when it comes to the best tax preparation for truck drivers, we provide the best and most in-depth solutions for you and your trucking business. 

While traditional tax services can help with basic tax preparation, TranspoCFO delivers everything needed with expenses and finances. We have everything from account preparation to accounting for fleet owners and truck operators, outsourced CFOs, bookkeepers, and more.

Our Accounting For owner operator Package includes:

  • Account Reconciliation: Balance sheets, Profit & Loss statements, trend reports, and cash flow statements
  • Accounts Receivable/Payables: Process bills and payments, prepare and process invoices
  • Reconciliation: Reconcile electronic transactions into Quickbooks, reconcile bank accounts, reconcile credit card and loan accounts

Our Tax Preparation Services include:

  • Form 1040 – Individuals
  • Form 1065 – Partnerships
  • Form 1120 – C Corporations
  • Form 1120-S — Small Corporations 

Our Outsourced CFO Services include:

  • Forecasting
  • Client Manager meetings (video)
  • General business consulting
  • Regular video conferencing to review key performance
  • Strategy to build to scale or build to sell

TranspoCFO is your one-stop-shop for all trucking bookkeeping needs. Truck drivers and owner-operators need more than just a regular CPA – they need people who understand the trucking business from owner-operator tax write-offs to tax deductions. 

Going with a standard tax preparation service can leave money on the table for you and your company. TranspoCFO will track your cash flow and expenses so you can not only make sure you’re making the most of every dollar but you’re also getting back what you deserve and not overpaying for your essentials.

Stop searching for trucking bookkeeping services, how to file taxes for your trucking company, and winding up in chat forums – get started with TranspoCFO today! With expert accounting for truck drivers, competitive pricing, and services designed specifically for you, TranspoCFO is the ultimate choice when searching for tax professionals for truck drivers. 

And now, with tax season quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to call in the best trucking accountants and make this tax season the easiest season of all. 

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